And You Grew is a quiet-time book written by Jennifer Bonessi and inspired by her husband and her friend Jeni who grew the most beautiful flowers. The picture book was conceived late at night in a moment of reflection about how the birth of a child, though also challenging for any couple, can strengthen a marriage and make a family.



Children’s Book Author, Jennifer Helen Bonessi Jennifer is a native Austinite who can be found hunkered down over a pile of Mac devices – mostly writing – in a coffee shop. She is endlessly entertained by Austin hipsters, profoundly inspired by her family life – including her pet chicken – and strongly motivated by the… Continue reading Author


And You Grew is a children’s picture book about becoming a family. The unexpected arrival of a seed carried by the wind makes two flowers new parents. They wait for their new baby together through all kinds of weather and seasons and rejoice when a bud finally pushes through the soil. The little flower family… Continue reading Book